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Chronicling Our Greatest Invention

WikiRobots is the home as well as unhealthily obsessed curator of all things robots and artificial intelligence for consumers.

We aim to bring you captivating stuff about autonomous machines and AI from all over the world every day. A general user’s guide for the rise of humankind’s greatest and final invention.

Robotics and AI for Consumers

Although robotics and artificial intelligence have been around for decades (and more than a millennia if you count the Ancient Greeks), after fits and starts across generations, it is only lately that real, clear and quantifiable results have emerged.

Consequently, development and general technology in the sector has exploded in earnest only in the past few years, and incredible results have already been seen, yet we’re only in the beginning of the beginning!

We are dedicated to covering the various aspects of robot technology and the amazing feats in AI, including their impact on our lives, and how regular folks can have access to them.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you become a regular as we build on this exciting trend in finally arriving in the early parts of the future we all dreamed about.

The Logo

Our logo is made up of the logotype with the extended leg in the letter “R” as the start of emphasizing what we’re about, with a red dot signifying a “period” or full-stop, referring to our conviction in bringing the ultimate in robotics and artificial intelligence to its logical conclusion, humanity’s final, and greatest invention.

The logo mark is inspired by and made of the Maschinenmensch (robot) Maria in Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 masterpiece Metropolis (she is called Futura in the novel that the film is based), because she is one of the first robots ever depicted on film.

Maschinenmensch - Metropolis - 01

Though we originally intended for the logotype to comprise the entirety of our logo, the addition of this was only fitting because for one, it embodies (no pun intended) the age-old dream of building the ultimate tool and machine, one in humankind’s image (though likely surpassed as the idea of the technological Singularity and Superintelligence have long since taken shape).

More importantly, it symbolizes what sets humankind apart is our use of tools (technology), and how the ultimate tool we create will be smart, artificial human-level entities that meet or exceed our intelligence, ideally as beneficial extensions of us.

As such, the film  depicts the classic, ageless dream of a future of robots and AI that has arrived, for which we are in the earliest stages, and how we will be reporting on its rise and development.

It’s a great time to be alive, and we’re glad you’re making this journey with us.


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Logo, infographics and graphic design

Special thanks to the parties whose assets we may have used and hadn’t been able to credit or whose information we couldn’t find. Please let us know if any of your items had been used without credit and we’ll do so immediately. Thank you.

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